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Brow Heaven


We create a warm, caring environment. Our mission is to ensure that each client receives the special treatment they deserve. We are always researching and bringing the best beauty treatments & products to our clients 


I am Shauna

Owner/Founder, Brow Heaven

Shauna is passionate and enthusiastic and really gives it all to her clients. Shauna’s dedication to her work shows with her regular upskilling and attending courses to ensure Brow Heaven has the latest services and technologies.

Shauna trained as a beauty therapist branched out into Brows. She did her first-course several year's ago and became a HD Brows Stylist she went back to train to become a Pro-Stylist then went bk to become a master HD brows Stylist... Shauna did upskilling training by doing more courses “to give my clients the very best that I can give them..changing products numerous times to give my clients the best treatment and product..” in Jan of this year Shauna was very honoured to be the ONLY HD BROWS MASTER STYLIST in Ireland to be sent fully payed VIP to Leeds to train in their new product that I brought bk to Ireland... HD Brow Sculpt (Brow Lamination)  

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