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Brow Lamination 60mins €50

Brow lamination is latest innovation in brow artistry. Thick, fluffy brows are bang on trend right now and difficult to achieve if the natural brow hairs point down. Brow lamination lifts the hairs from the root and sets them in place meaning the brows appear thicker, fluffier and always stay in place.
Results last up to 6/8 weeks.
Patch Test Required!

Brow Lamination Maintenence 30mins €30

This treatment is only for my Brow Lamination Angels!
This treatment is for the in-between appointments for when you looking for your Brows to be tidied up! Has to be in 1st & 8th week after haven Brow Lamination done!

It consists of tint,wax & thread! Two conditions treatments to keep them Brows nourished & hydrated! Before your Next Brow Lamination Appointment!

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